What do you plan on doing with the property?


When you change your mortgage lender without selling your home or moving home, it’s referred to as remortgaging. And when you do it with us, you can save on a lot, even if staying with the same bank is the best option, allow us to take care of all the work and secure you the best possible rate in 3 simple steps:

  1. initial conversation – allow our team to discuss your current circumstances and understand what it is you are looking to do.
  2. comparison – We will compare remortgage products from over 90+ lenders to find a deal that is suitable for you and your aspirations. We work closely with lenders and can obtain preferential rates that you may not be able to get by remortgaging direct, saving you tons of money.
  3. Application – We will submit the application for the remortgage, taking case of all the paperwork and lenders inquiries leaving you with time to relax.

Help to Buy remortgage

In 2013, the Help to Buy remortgage scheme was launched, giving thousands of buyers the ability to move into a bigger property or purchase their first home. Years later, a lot of people are approaching the end of their preliminary mortgage term and are faced with a question: pay back the equity loan, switch to a better deal, or refinance?

If you know what you’re doing, remortgaging a Help to Buy mortgage can be quite straightforward. Based on the age of the equity loan, this will remain in place, and the mortgage is simply switched over as it would in the usual way. The main thing is to set the loan to value when pricing up the best remortgage products.

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